Studio of design and copywriting

Cost-effective Technical Writing

  • develop documentation from scratch
  • proofread and improve your documentation
  • keep your documentation updated
  • maintain a high acceptance rate with minimal revision requests
  • provide high quality results.


What I Do


Technical writing for software products. Formats: wiki (Confluence), PDF, DOC, CHM, HTML, video. Multiple languages including Japanese and Russian.

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Graphical Design

Infographics, graphical design, logo design. Web design, branding, print solutions.  


Copywriting for web-sites, blogs. 


OpenIAM – Identity and Access Management Solutions
Proxysh Logo – VPN Service Provider
Attachmore – Online Service for Sending Large Files
NSG – Telecommunications Company


Who I am

Offering services in copywriting, technical writing, graphical design, I possess a unique combination of technical and writing skills. I can organize a temporary team of technical writers, developers and system administrators is at our disposal.

Why to hire?

Documentation has been and remains “must have” for every software product. Clear, structured and useful, it reduces support cost, improves your company’s image, attracts new users. But writing helps is a non-primary activity for software companies. I can take care of it as I am strong both in linguistics and technologies. By allowing an outsourced expert or a professional team to work on your documentation, your company benefits from aiming at the essentials — creating software products of a high quality or providing software services.


Stay Tuned

Improving Documentation Architecture

Our aim will be to make the user-friendly well-structured professional-looking documentation. The improved documentation architecture will consider the following...

01 February, 2013